Our Projects

Name: Arlington East

Project Status: In Progress

Arlington East is a unique close gated community located about 8kms from Harare Main Post Office at the corner of Twentydales and Harare Drive. The project is being executed in phases and is to be completed within 2 years. The scope of works include: roads, storm-water drainage, sewer and water reticulation system, stand access culverts and asphalt surfaced roads.

Name: Haydon Park, Westgate

Project Status: In Progress

Haydon Park is a residential concept borne out of Government’s ZimAsset Programme and national Housing Delivery Programme. The programme seeks to deliver 300 000 residential units by 2018.

The project is situated about 17km North West of Harare Main Post Office adjacent to the New City concept which will accommodate Government Ministries, Parliament, Residential Areas, Shopping Malls, Hotels and Industries.

The project is valued at over $10million USD

Name: Penrose Suburb, Nyabira

Project Status: In Progress

Penrose Township is a high density residential housing development situated 32km from the city centre along the Chirundu road at Nyabira.

Leengate Civil Engineering Contractors have been contracted by Vonspring Investments to develop the project. The scope of works includes the following:

  • Tarred Roads and Stormwater Drainage
  • Water Reticulation
  • Sewer Reticulation

The project covers 143ha in extent and comprises 2698 stands ranging in size from 300mto 1100m2. Also included are commercial and institutional stands.

Name: Marondera Flats

Project Status: In Progress

Marondera Flats

The project is in partnership with the Ministry of National Housing & Social Amenities.

The scope of the project is to construct four by four low cost high rise flats, each comprising of sixteen units. The project is expected to be completed and commissioned before year end.

Name: Pomona Infrastructure Housing Project

Project Status: Completed

The Pomona Infrastructure Housing Project is a project we have in progress that we are currently handling on behalf our client, Berothar Investments. We are currently implementing the following as part of the project. 

  • Construction of surfaced roads
  • Excavation & lining of trapezoidal drains
  • Treatment of 19 000m3 expansive material
  • Stockpiling and hauling of 31 000m3 gravel
  • Value: USD3 218 933.66 

Name: Canals and Dams

Project Status: Completed

Through our expertise, we’ve assisted on the development of the following key infrastructure projects within Africa and Zimbabwe. 

  • Morupule Colliery Expansion Project – SMEI Projects – 2010
  • Jwaneng Mine Modular Tailings Treatment – SMEI Projects – 2012
  • Orapa Mine 90MW Power Station – SMEI Projects – 2013
  • Karowe Mine Development – SMEI Projects – 2014
  • Botswana Ash Salt Ponds – Runicta Engineering – 2014

Name: Base Stations and Access Roads

Project Status: Completed

  • Muzarabani Access Road – Econet/ZTE/Reutech – 2009
  • Mana Pools Access Road – Econet/ZTE/Reutech – 2009
  • Buhera Access Road – Econet/ZTE/Reutech – 2010
  • Odzi Access Road – Econet/ZTE/Reutech – 2010
  • Nyanyadzi Access Road – Econet/ZTE/Reutech – 2011
  • Dangamvura Turn-Off Access Road – Econet/ZTE/Reutech – 2011
  • Marongola Access Road – Econet/ZTE/Reutech – 2011

Name: Road Surfacing

Project Status: Completed

We did the following Road Surfacing Projects for our Clients:

  • Kirkman road – ongoing
  • Westgate Traffic circle Slip lanes 2022
  • Dieppe Trafic circle Slip lanes 2022
  • Chiremba Rd – Ruwa – 2012
  • Subdivision – Parktown Round-About – 2012
  • Infill Roads – Glen View 1 – 2012
  • Association of University Teachers – Hatcliffe – 2013

Name: Rainham Roads Project

Project Status: Completed

We did this project on behalf of Zvimb Rural District Council to improve accessibility to the Project Area for Rainham.

  • Construction of 58.66 km gravel roads
  • Construction of 195 concrete culverts
  • Removal of expansive material and hauling of 84 737m3 gravel
  • Value: USD3 996 526.96