Available Stands

Arlington East

Arlington East is a unique close gated community located about 8kms from Harare Main Post Office at the corner of Twentydales and Harare Drive. The project is being executed in phases and is to be completed within 2 years.
The scope of works include: roads, storm-water drainage, sewer
and water reticulation system, stand access culverts and asphalt
surfaced roads.

Penrose Housing Development

Penrose Township is a high density residential housing development situated 32km from the city centre along the Chirundu road at Nyabira.

Leengate Civil Engineering Contractors have been contracted by Vonspring Investments to develop the project. The scope of works includes Tarred roads, stormwater drainage, water reticulation andsewer reticulation

Haydon Park

Haydon Park is next to Sandton Park in Westgate, Harare and covers 100ha in extent with a total number of 501 stands on offer (including commercial and industrial stands).

Average stand sizes are 1000 – 1500m2 and will be offered for sale to the public with estimated completion time of 12 months. The scope of works includes roads, storm-water drainage, sewer and water reticulation.